Golf Courses – Find the Best One near Hopkinton

Golf Courses – Find the Best One near Hopkinton

There are a large number of golf courses in and around Hopkinton, MA providing various levels of challenges to golfers of all kinds. If you live in Boston or the neighbouring towns, visiting one of the courses for a session of golf with your buddies may be an excellent idea. If you need some coaching, a lot of them also have professional golfers for training sessions.

There are a few characteristics to look for when picking a course for you and your buddies. You would do well to do some research, read reviews on golfing sites, and find out what the course has to offer for your style of play. A challenging course may be extremely frustrating for a beginner, while a more experienced golfer would prefer to employ his strategy and skill together in such a course. However, you must always look out for some essential characteristics that apply to all golf courses. Here we have listed a few to help you find the best one near Hopkinton.

Hole Characteristics

Each hole should have a different character and something unique to offer. If you find 2 or more holes that are too similar to each other, chances are that you wasted your money. Each hole must require some amount of strategy and planning. The course should have a good mix of one shot, two shot and two or three drive and pitch holes. The best courses have two loops of nine holes, but this is not always possible, and there are great courses that do not follow this rule. Also, a course should have a minimum of blindness for approach shots.


The course should have beautiful natural surroundings. Even any artificial features, where used should be natural looking. If there are any buildings and roads nearby, they should not interfere with the line of sight or in any way disturb the players.


The condition of the greens and fairways is a make or break deal. The grass should not be over-mowed, but just perfect. If balls are lost due to mis-hits or bad bounces, they should be easy to find as well.

Use these tips to find the best golf course for yourself. Make sure you call them up beforehand to enquire of the options before heading over for a tee time.

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