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The golf season in Hopkinton is just beginning and you need to shrug off your lingering winter lethargy and get back in shape for it. You might not realize it but your level of fitness does affect the quality of your game. If you’re not fit and flexible, you won’t be able to swing well and that can compromise your game. Our experts here at Hopkinton Country Club recommend these exercises to get in shape for the season.

1 – Flexibility

Playing golf requires considerable amount of flexibility. After all, your entire body moves with the swing. If you have any form of tightness in your legs, back, hips, or shoulders, your swing wouldn’t reach its full potential. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to maintain the flexibility of your body. You can do that by regularly performing stretches. You should also warm-up thoroughly before every game.

2 – Upper Body

An experienced golfer will know just how much the upper body influences the swing. You don’t hit the ball with just your arms, but your entire body. It’s the upper body that adds force to the swing. Training this portion can significantly improve your long game, and help you hit shots farther than you did before. The exercises to train the upper body aren’t that complicated. All you need to do is bicep curls, triceps extensions, and pushups. Don’t strain your body by forcing these exercises. It’s vital to work at your own pace.

3 – Core

Working on your core before the golf season in Hopkinton will help you add more power to the backswing. Exercises like crunches and leg lifts will help strengthen the core. You can find other routines for core strengthening on the Internet. You just need to pick something that suits you.

4 – Lower Body

Your lower body will also help add power and control to your swing. The hips and legs provide control while the feet on the ground act as anchor points and provide power. You should incorporate a workout routine that will strengthen your quadriceps. You can do that by standing against the wall and sliding down like you’re sitting on a chair. Just hold that position for 60 seconds and that will strengthen your quads.

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