Hopkinton History: Unknown Facts

Hopkinton History: Unknown Facts

Hopkinton town has been around for centuries and has a long and interesting history. Unfortunately, most residents and visitors aren’t aware of this history and don’t take the time to learn more about it. Hopkinton isn’t just known for having the best country club in Massachusetts, it also has other hidden gems that can amaze both residents and visitors. At Hopkinton Country Club, we encourage our guests to go out and explore the town. Here are some little-known facts about Hopkinton:

  1. Indian town

Created by Rev. Elliot, Hopkinton was an artificial settlement comprising 51 different Indian families. At that time, the town was named Magwonkkommok, which was later shortened to Magunco. Harvard College proceeded to purchase the land and leased it out.

  1. Savil Simpson constructions

Savil Simpson built the first frame house back in 1707 and that was followed by a sawmill, a grist mill, and a fulling mill in the same year. He was around when the first roadway in the area was constructed between 1724 and 1725, and collected toll on the section of the road that ran across his property.

  1. Daniel Shay

Daniel Shay was born in 1747 on a leased farm located at Saddle Hill. That child would grow up to lead insurrectionists against the local government to protest against injustice and high taxes while the value of money was low.

  1. The fires

Hopkinton was devastated by three massive fires and that forced people to leave the town to seek a livelihood elsewhere. This led to a massive drop in the overall population of Hopkinton. The first fire occurred in 1876 at a shoe factory, which then spread to the Main Street. The second fire occurred in 1882 and started in the Town Hall before spreading to a shoe factory, hotel, post office, and a church. The last fire broke out in 1900 in the same section of the town. All of this devastation had major consequences and Hopkinton took a lot of time to recover.

  1. Later years

Between the 1980’s and 1990’s, Hopkinton experienced a surge of growth and a rise in population again. The real estate market boomed and that led to an increase in business establishments like stores, entertainment venues, and the best country club in Hopkinton.

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