Writing Your Own Ceremony Vows

Your wedding might be your special day, but the event has a tendency to become too generic and bland. You can add a personal touch to the life-changing event by writing your own wedding ceremony vows. Traditional have their own special place, but you can add a level of uniqueness to the ceremony with personally written ones.

At Hopkinton Country Club, we always encourage couples to write their own vows. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

1 – Find Inspiration

Your ceremony vows should represent your relationship. This means that you need a vow that represents all your hopes and desires for your marriage. Inspiration can come from anywhere but one of the best ways to kick start it is by reading and watching video examples of other personal vows. That would give you an idea of where to start for a great Hopkinton Country Club wedding ceremony.

2 – Discuss with Your Partner

Writing your own vows should be a mutual decision. Don’t surprise your partner at the wedding with your personalized vow because as delighted as he or she might be, they might regret not doing the same. You also need to discuss the tone and language of the vow to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

3 – Reflect on Your Relationship

While you’re penning your vows, reflect on your relationship and find situations and actions that inspired you. Note down all that’s unique about your relationship and about your partner. This would give you the material you need to write a great, touching vow.

4 – Add Promises that are Genuine

Keep the promises heart-felt and genuine. Instead of promising to be the perfect husband, wife, or partner, you can vow to be respectful and considerate. That would go a long way to ensure that your vow sounds just as genuine and heartfelt as it is. That would add another charm to your Hopkinton Country Club wedding ceremony.

5 – Edit

After you’re penned down the vow, read it a few times and edit anything that sounds clichéd and over-the-top. You might also need to shorten the length to ensure that it’s short and sweet. A vow shouldn’t be longer than two minutes at the most.

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